STEAM is an acronym that means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Multimedia. It is a terminology
gaining momentum and grounds in American Schools with the ideology that every artist can also think scientifically.
It is a project based learning programme that occurs in the school during our 2nd Trimester. It celebrates students’ innovation, creativity and inventions.

The school’s involvement and subsequent adoption of the STEAM program is to enable students to be critical thinkers, innovative and to also benefit from good initiatives happening in other parts of the globe.
Over the years students have engaged in various STEAM projects which have played significant roles in solving some of our numerous societal problems.

Focus of STEAM for the past couple of years have been on reducing, reusing and recycling of paper and plastic waste. It’s been a fantastic experience as students go through the rigorous scientific research process to come up with amazing outputs and ideas in their bid of contributing to environmental wellness of all.

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