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Application Procedures & Immigration

All prospective students write an assessment and undergo an evaluation process. Assessments are written in Mathematics, English Language and Science. Admission is guaranteed after students have passed this assessment.

Prior to the assessment and evaluation stage, an application form must be purchased from the admissions office, completed and submitted. The enrollment/admission fee is a one time non-refundable payment that is made by all new students on receipt of an admission letter. All supporting documents are required before enrollment.

International Admissions

Parents can request to visit the school any time before enrollment. International Community College provides the necessary immigration support for students and parents who need visa and residential permit to enter and/or stay in Ghana. 

Admission is only guaranteed if all fees are paid in full. On successful admission, the student is given the Student Handbook and all required materials. Boarding students pick up the boarding house prospectus from the school administrator.

The following must be submitted for the application to be deemed complete:


1. Completed enrollment form


Completed entrance/pre-assessment examination


A copy of student's last term/quarter report card


Medical information form


Signed registration contract

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